Tailor-made workshops

återSKAPA offers inspiring workshops for children, educators and companies in a new and stimulating environment. We tailor-make our workshops after your wishes and needs. This can be after a theme to integrate the work of the school or pre-school or customized for different workgroup dynamics. We hope this helps the process to extend past the visit and prevail.

We work with playful design and creative processes to enhance subject knowledge, raise awareness, stimulate creativity and power of initiative in children and youth.

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The material we use is donated industrial waste and discarded leftover material. The use of discarded materials in creative processes strips it of its initial purpose and gives the material new meaning, only limited by the imagination. New and unknown material invites us to think about things in new ways and there is no wrong or right in how they can be used. Our concept is based on the idea that everybody can be creative!
During the spring of 2014 we met over 700 children and 100 educators in our tailor-made workshops. We planned over 30 workshops with different themes and for different age groups.

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