Our concept is based on the idea that everybody can! Everyone is creative! We encourage solutions and seek opportunities. We are curious, ask questions and listen to concerns. In a playful, challenging and pursuing manner we solve our problems and become bolder in our creativeness.


återSKAPA works with playful design processes to stimulate creativity, initiative and ingenuity. Working with waste material means that there is no right or wrong, no answer or any model that govern us in our creativity. Unknown and unexpected materials forces us to think in new ways. This is consistent with the school’s mission under Lgr 11:

”The school shall stimulate students’ creativity, curiosity, confidence and willingness to try out their own ideas and solve problems. Students should have the opportunity to take initiative and responsibility as well as develop their ability to work both independently and with others. The school thereby contributes to the students developing an approach that promotes entrepreneurship” (Lgr 11, p.9)


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