Professional Development

återSKAPA offers creative workshops under the guidance of Karin Olu Lindgård and Hanna Butler, who are designers in the designstudio Butler/Lindgård. Let your imagination run wild and enjoy the spontaneous creativity that our workroom elicits.

Teambuilding, kick-off and after work with recycling themes!

Bring your friends and colleagues and discover our unique collection of materials. Leaving your desk or taking a break from your computer screen can be a great way to break customary thought patterns. At ÅterSKAPA, participants get a break from the office and access to a supply of unconventional material. Since the material you will come across will be new to you, the creative process is stripped of preconceived notions about the use and purpose of the material. This is a great way to open your mind and unlock your creativity!

The themes and set-up for the workshops can be tailored to you wishes and needs.

Design processes and the engineering of ideas
Behind every solution is an innovative design process. No matter what you do for a living, getting an insight into the creative work in a design process can be beneficial in every line of work. People usually tend to start design processes with a solution in mind. But we believe that for really good ideas to be successful the designer has to be able to start over, think again, and challenge oneself to think along new paths.
återSKAPA offers practical workshops with a wide array of creative methods. Take a break from the office and come create with us!

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