Pre-school and Schools

We offer inspiring workshop for children groups in a new and stimulating environment. Through our reuse education workshops, children/students learn about waste reduction through the reuse of materials and waste minimisation construction techniques (our workshops are tape and glue free!). Students are given an opportunity to develop important problem solving skills in design and construction and are encouraged to learn co-operatively through sharing their skills and discoveries with each other.

We are happy to design the workshops after desired themes to integrate our ideas with work of pre-schools and schools. By doing this we hope the creative process will extend beyond the visit.

We invite you to start, enrich or finish a project with us!


Creating with waste material stimulates creativity as unknown and unexpected materials leads us to think in new ways, explore new paths and take initiative. We give the children a chance to explore and find playful, challenging and pursuing ways to solve problems.

We also use the creation of waste materials as a way to deepen knowledge in different school subjects and raise environmental awareness among children and young people.

This is how we do it:



This is what if looked like when Västra Hamnens Second graders worked on their creations in the classroom, and fantasized about the life and origin of the aliens.

You can book tailor-made workshops directly with us or through Kulturproceduren. Workshops through Kulturproceduren are targeted towards Malmö’s schools and toward certain grade levels. These are purchased by Culture for children and young people and is therefore free of charge.

Keep in mind that you can always book Kulturbussen for your visit if your school is located in Malmö.

Please let us know if you have questions or would like to book a visit!

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