Our Philosophy

återSKAPA is built up around a material bank – a collection of waste materials, and a creative workshop where we offer playful processes of design. The heart in our organization lies in our values about the materials, the environment and our novel approach.

The materials we use are a selected sample of industrial waste and discarded materials from companies, which is repurposed as creative material. The materials are presented in a well-organized setting in candy boxes to trigger curiosity and inspire creativity.

The use of discarded materials in creative processes strips it of its initial purpose and gives the material new meaning as hands on learning material. Working with open-ended materials invites us to think about things in new ways as there is no wrong or right in how they can be used. The material also triggers questions about how we can best use the Earth’s resources and work towards a sustainable future.

The atmosphere in our creative workshop is open-minded, surprising and inspiring.

Our concept promotes the idea that everybody can be creative! We encourage solutions and see opportunities. We are curious, ask questions and listen to people’s suggestions. With a playful, novel and open-minded approach we take on problems together and encourage bravery in the creative process.

By using gender-neutral materials and facilitating a leadership that consciously work to counteract gender stereotypes återSKAPA aims to foster equality.

We only utilize donated materials and refrain from buying any additional materials such as glue, pens, or paint, which encourages new inventive methods.

återSKAPA believes that the key to unlock creativity is unique materials, an inspiring environment and a open-minded approach!
We offer tailor-made workshops for various groups and also offer Drop-in art sessions for the public.

återSKAPA operates as a middleman in a win-win situation. Companies get rid of waste material and also gain the benefits of promoting a green profile. Children and young people learn about the importance of sustainable development through a wide supply of creative materials, and the harmful emissions from incineration of waste are reduced.
Creative reuse/ upcyling is creating something new out of something old. Instead of buying new materials and putting more pressure on an already stressed environment we extend the lifespan and give new life to old materials. Reuse, reduce, recreate!


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