Interested in donating materials?

We gladly accept materials! It may be something that your company discarded and wants to get rid of a misplaced order or waste materials that is left after the production process.

We can organize single pick-ups or schedule regular pick-ups depending on what you prefer.

It’s a win-win collaboration! återSKAPA receives material for our material bank that children and people in Malmö get to enjoy in our creative workshop. The companies that donate material get relieved of their waste, while contributing to a good cause. By supporting återSKAPA companies also strengthen their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and show the benefits of environmental responsibility. återSKAPA triggers curiosity and creativity around the ideas of reuse, redefines conceptions about waste, prolongs the life of various materials and encourages inventiveness and entrepreneurship in children. Many life-patterns are established during childhood and adolescence and it is important to start thinking creatively about environmental issues at an early age, and emphasise ways we can all contribute to positive change.

Please contact Elina Lindblad, our material manager, if you are interested in donating materials to us and raise your company’s green profile. You can reach her at or at 0708-814474


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