The idea of återSKAPA was born in Los Angeles, where Carin Hernqvist lived from 2009-2011. Carin is a pedagogue and has been working as a teacher in Rosengård for about 10 years.
During her time in Los Angeles Carin got in contact with reDiscovercenter and Trash for Teaching.

Both these non-profit organizations receive waste materials from numerous industries and corporations. The materials are then sold to various educational groups as well as individuals.

They also offer inspiring workshops for educators and groups of children and host camps, parties, drop-in Art sessions, exhibitions and much more. Similar organizations can be found in cities across the United States, Australia, Denmark and Italy.

The idea about återSKAPA made it across the Atlantic back to Sweden, got re-packaged and was eventually set up at STPLN in Malmö. Today återSKAPA has become a popular center for creative reuse, design and education.

carin founder

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